Essay on Artificial Intelligence

Essay on Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a revolutionary invention as it has improvised the thinking capability of humans. Artificial Intelligence has brought high efficiency and transparency in all the fields. AI is ruling everywhere, from very tiny technology like chips to vast applications like computers, surveillance cameras, healthcare devices, and mobile phones. While using apps like Google, you must have noticed it recommends things of our interest. Have you ever wondered how this thing happens? AI works behind it, as searched data is categorized and concluded, providing us with similar options.

AI is the future of the coming era, and it will soon become a important part of human life. Many experts believe that AI can be used to solve major challenging and critical situations. Furthermore, let’s discuss what is artificial intelligence? and How is it helpful or harmful to human society?

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What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Late in 1950s Minsky and McCarthy (father of AI) defined artificial intelligence as any task that the human brain is performing carried by machines in similar ways with high efficiency. AI performs some of the human intelligence behaviors like learning, problem-solving, planning, reasoning, creativity, and many such other things.

For better understanding, AI is split into narrow AI and general AI. Narrow AI is all about what we use in our daily life like self-driving cars, detecting defaults in machines, etc. Unlike a human, it works on pre-defined commands. On the other side, general AI is compatible with the human brain with vast memory and advanced functions.

AI is the burning topic of research, and it provides a broad range of discussion. It includes machine learning (ML), deep learning (DL), or neural learning (NL). ML is called a subset of artificial intelligence (AI). Machine Learning has an inbuilt capacity to learn and improve automatically.

Furthermore, DL is a subset of machine learning. DL helps in the analysis of different factors similar to the human neural system. Using a neural network, DL configure a massive amount of data and assist in performing various tasks like voice recognization and image recognization. Artificial intelligence research has brought an evolutionary change in the field of science and technology, but as we are well aware of the fact that technology brings disadvantages automatically with its advantages.

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    Artificial Intelligence: Boon or Bane?

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the nature of almost everything connected to human life like communication, security, economy, health care, employment, etc. and its evolution is yet to see in the future. It is noteworthy how much artificial intelligence is profitable to humankind or how it can affect the ecosystem.

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is an advanced technology that can think like a human, and its side effects can be disastrous. We had already seen a demonstration in ‘ROBOT’ a hypothetical story, how it had destroyed everything when went out of human hand. But the benefit of technologies always over-weight the losses, if used wisely.

    So, let’s focus some light on the advantages and disadvantages of using AI:

    Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

    • Humans can make mistakes, but computers do not give an error as artificial intelligence take decisions from the previously gathered information applying a specific set of algorithms, and the chances of errors reduce if they are correctly programmed. As per the example in weather forecasting, Artificial Intelligence is used to reduce the majority of errors.
    • You must have heard about the Chernobyl nuclear power plant explosion of 1986 in Ukraine, at that time there were no AI-powered robots to minimize the effect of radiation by controlling the fire at the initial stage. This is the most significant advantage of Artificial intelligence that, unlike humans, can perform risky tasks like going to mars, bomb diffusion, mining for coal mines, and many more.
    • Now many Educational Institutions Helpline centers are using AI to handle all the queries as machines don’t get tired or need any refreshment like a human being. So, Artificial Intelligence can be used to increase work efficiency.
    • Remember around 20 years ago, when we are planning to go somewhere, we used to ask a person who already went there for the direction. But now everything is just one click away, we use applications like Google’s ‘OK Google’, Apple’s ‘Siri’, Window’s ‘Cortana’, and get all the required information.

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    Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

    • The cost of creation and maintenance of the complex technical machines is very high, which is not affordable to everyone.
    • Artificial Intelligence is automating the majority of works and humans tend to get addicted to these applications pushing them to laziness which is creating a problem for the future generation.
    • Many organizations are replacing minimum qualified individuals with Artificial Intelligence, causing a serious issue of unemployment worldwide.
    • There is no doubt that machines are much efficient than humans, but they can’t replace us in every field of life. Machines are emotionless, and when it comes to developing a bond of team membership, only humans can do it better.


    Human life is significantly affected by Artificial Intelligence in both positive and negative manners. Every innovation has both, but we have to use the positive sides to ensure that the rise of robots will not get out of hand. It is questionable that human-like robots or recreated intelligence is ethically and morally correct or not. On the other hand, it’s also true that Artificial Intelligence is just an over-hyped concept which can handle a large volume of data but can never replace human intelligence. Hence, modern technology has both its pros and cons and its consequences depend upon the way it is used.

    Artificial Intelligence is about making computers smart enough to do things that humans usually need a brain for. This means solving problems, understanding spoken words, learning and making decisions. AI tech tries to copy how people think and make things work better in different areas.

    Machine Learning is a part of AI where computers learn from data. They can make guesses or decisions without being told what to do step by step. Normal computer programming uses clearly written code, but machine learning lets systems get better and change with experience or data.

    AI worries about what’s right involve problems with unfairness in programs, losing jobs because of machines taking over work, issues around keeping personal information safe and the possible wrong use of AI tools. To deal with these worries, we need to create good AI rules and make sure things are clear. We should also push for fair ways that don’t have any bias.

    AI is used in many areas like health care, money business, teaching and making things. In healthcare, AI is used for checking health and making medicines just right. In finance, it helps catch fraud and manage risk. In school, AI can help with one-on-one learning. And in making things it makes machines better and faster at doing their job.

    The future of AI is likely to see ongoing improvements in machine learning, understanding language naturally and robotics. AI will probably become more part of everyday life, affecting industries like health care, travel and enjoyment. People will keep talking and trying to solve problems related to what’s right or wrong in the use of artificial intelligence. They also want make sure these technologies grow safely.

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