Essay on Has India Lost its Cultural Roots

India is to divers, with so many different ethnic, religious and linguistic communities, that it is hardly possible to speak of its culture and society, better to speak of its multiplicity of cultures and societies. In the fifties, India was portraying 400 million distinct men and women, each different from the other, all living in a universe of personal thoughts and feelings. Those 4.00 million people are today over 1 billion.

India is a cultural mosaic in true scoots and is rightly called the land of diversity. This diversity has given rise to its unique culture. India’s languages, religions, dance, music, architecture, food and customs differ from place to place within the country. The Indian culture, often labelled as an amalgamation of several cultures, spans across the Indian subcontinent and has been influenced by a history that is several millennia old. Much of India’s cultural identity is reflected in its vibrant religious festivals. Every festival tells a story which imparts spiritual truths, adding meaning to daily life. The symbolism serves to uplift and unite, and maintain India’s ancient traditions. However, with the advent of the zest century, some of this was lost.

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    Traditions are more significant in a country like India which has always cherished its rich culture and heritage, and is quite well known for it throughout the world. It is a culture where guests are treated as gods, family members live under the same household until death, people have the belief that ‘karma plays a significant role in determining their life, respecting elders and every other religion is taught since birth and following traditions makes one a proud Indian. But these things are fast becoming obsolete and are slowly losing their sheen. Indian culture has been changing over the past few years due to the influence of western culture and thought.

    Westernisation is affecting one of the world’s oldest and richest cultures by taking away the traditions, customs and family values that were once predominant in traditional Indian household. The youngsters do not respect their elders anymore as they used to. Old people are no longer revered but are treated like a burden. Joint .family system is vanishing fast and children are no longer taught.

    the virtues of a true Indian. Even divorce cases are more common and marriages have ceased being sacred. People no longer try to help each other and communal clashes are on the rise.

    Moreover, our festivals that promoted brotherhood have lost their charm as the people have adopted western festivals with much more fun and frolic. Though, it is true that people still believe in the traditional Indian way of life, but it is unfortunate that such people are very few in numbers.


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    However, it is also true that modernisation has also helped us immensely and made us shed many superstitions. Nevertheless, we should not be following the Western culture blindly, a thing that has become a rage in these times.

    It is an age old saying that “a tree is only fruitful in the soil its seed was sown”. Even if we try to re-plant the tree in a different soil and climate, it would die. However, if it still survives, it would not progress much. Hence, we should not forget about our roots and the place where we are from.

    It is our age old traditions for which we are known worldwide and which give us our identity of being Indians.

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