Essay on Health is Wealth

Health is wealth is an old saying, but it goes well with everyone’s life. This phrase means that mental and physical well-being along with disease-free health is indeed wealth. Good health covers physical, mental, social, and spiritual well-being of an individual. One can live without wealth or other luxuries in life, but cannot survive without good health.


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Why do we need good health?

Good health is a center of human well-being and pleasure. Achieving the same is essential to prevent and manage several diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, etc. A healthy body possesses a happy and peaceful mind, which also boosts up the immunity to fight against several diseases, which resultantly leads a person can carry his duties and responsibilities properly. Not only physical but also mental fitness is also essential for our body.

An individual’s mental fitness could make the work more efficient, build the right work-life balance, and maintain the equilibrium of his personal life. Good health is one of life’s greatest blessings that can change one’s body, attitude, mind, and mood. It is like a crown over the head of a person.

Health is one of the most critical factors for the development of a country. We are the youngest country globally, and being a healthy diet consuming country, we are rapidly growing. The latest Example is COVID- 19. As we have good immunity, the recovery rate in comparison to other countries is very remarkable, i.e., more than 55%, which projects that a healthy body (Human Resource Capital) worked hard and defeated the pandemic and shall contribute to a nation’s progress further.

The second example is again from Covid-19. We have made the vaccine in very less span of time, which is under trial (Phase – I), and sooner we shall be coming out with the entirely indigenously made vaccine, which shows that a good and in the situation of stress performed well and came out with excellent results. Not only in the medical, but we are also growing in various fields like Space, Defence, I.T., etc. These are the direct example of a healthy body and mind contributing to the rise in GDP.

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    Health is Wealth: Our Mistakes

    In this vast era, we are more inclined towards our professional life and shaping them for a better future, leaving the health far behind.

    We need to think that if we succeed and manage to make the wealthy and luxurious lifestyle, we will be able to enjoy it. NO! NO! NO!. Our whole wealth will be drained in paying the hospital bill. So the time is to maintain the equilibrium between our health and wealth to have a peaceful and healthy lifestyle.

    To gain good health, we should be heedful to our lifestyle. Many factors influence the health status of an individual.

    Before concluding this article, we shall discuss some measures which, by adopting we could balance both the critical aspect of our life.

    • Daily exercise – Morning or Evening walks, Cycling, playing outdoor games. It regulates blood pressure, reduces tension, and strengthen bones and muscles.
    • Balance Diet – By adopting a balanced diet of protein, vitamin, calcium, carbohydrate, and fat.
    • Spending quality time with friends and Family – Excessive usage of electronic gadgets creates a negative environment. Have fun with your family and friends, plan small trips with friends or family in a month or two, etc.
    • Avoid smoking, alcohol, and drugs.
    • Drink plenty of water– An adequate daily fluid intake is about 3.7 liters for men and 2.7 liters for women.
    • Get adequate sleep – Sleep requirements vary slightly person to person, but it is advisable to take at least 6 to 7 hours of sleep to function out best.
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    Lastly I would like to conclude by saying that it’s ever individual’s responsibility to keep himself/herself healthy otherwise, we will not be able to keep our mind sharp. The happiness stays with us when we are healthy and wealthy and to ensure good health follow the tips mentioned above, and take care of your body because it’s the only place where you have to live.

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