Essay on Man is the best of god creation

Man is the best of god creation

Essay on Man is the best of devil angel god creation

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The Philosophical Perspective

Essay on Man is the best of god creation makes the hero Hamlet of his play ‘Hamlet’ say, ‘what piece of work is a man’. What has been said by Hamlet is really a great truth. Man is the best of God’s creation. He is the best being among the living creatures. Man is the only one among God’s creations who is a ‘thinking’ being. So far as his physical behaviour is concerned, man is just like an animal; eating, drinking, sleeping. But man also has reason a he has the thinking capacity he can reason out things, he can argue, he can hold his views and convince others of his views or get convinced from the views of others. Man has been able to develop and create so many new things and keeps on inventing, creating and discovering newer and newer things. This only the man can do.

If this has not been so man would have remained a savage as he was in primitive days. Man above can feel animals also feel but their feeling is instinctive not as a result of any thought. Man is also a social being. From the Stone age, he came up to the Iron age and from the iron age he grew into a move civilised being. He began to live together with his fellows I villages came into existence, then towns, then big cities, then metropolitan towns.

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    Man as a 'Thinking' Being

    Man created machines and factories grew, markets came into existence. Man began to travel  cars, buses, trucks, trains, aeroplanes were invented and it is man alone who can thus travel from one place to another. Means of transport developed to such an extent that man could travel even upto the moon and set his foot on that planet.

    Unthinkable and unimaginable feats have been performed by man and it is only because man is able to think and plan and turn his plans into reality. Man can now fly in the air like birds, travel over the seas and oceans, go deep down into the depths of the
    ocean or earth and explore the unexplored. Now he can communicate with his friends and his family thousands of miles away on telephone, E-mail, fax and do the chatting on the internet. He has written down his thoughts in the form of books and thus the human thought has been and can be preserved for times immemorial.

    Man is the best of god creation

    5 Awesome theses About "Man as the Best of God's Creation

    Theses 5 Awesome theses About "Man as the Best of God's Creation"
    Unique Cognitive Abilities Humans are much better equipped with intellectual powers than other species. It goes beyond the ability to find ingenious solutions, deduce logical connections between abstractions and showcase an imagination which confers on one's own experience a fullness that takes in all of culture.
    Physical Adaptability But in one sense, humans are the most shaped creature. For they can take a huge variety of shapes according to their environments. Compared to most species, which are largely adapted for a particular ecology and cannot survive outside of it, humans have managed since their migration outwards from Africa one hundred thousand years ago or so million years-to flourish in every environment on earth. Wetlands like those found in the Everglades provide food resources that form part of mankind's ecological niche.
    Creative and Artistic Expression This gift for creative and artistic expression is one of the most remarkable things in all humanity. It extends from music and the visual arts to literature, including performance art that is technically exacting yet at a deeper level rich in emotional and philosophical expressiveness.
    Social Complexity and Empathy The structure and the relationship of social life in human society is complex. There is no competition, though. Compared with the other animals of this world, we are without peers in our power to feel for others; there has never been a more complex social connection than that which exists between human beings, or better cooperation within larger societal groups—organized not by bloodlines but purposefully created societies bringing together men and women from all over China as well as foreign countries.
    Scientific and Technological Innovation But in the area of scientific understanding and technological innovation, humanity has proven to be exceptionally clever. These have produced breakthroughs of salience well beyond medicine, leading all the way to digital technology.

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    Technological Advancements

    Even in the field of warfare the nuclear bombs, the unmanned missiles can strike targets thousands of miles away. In the field of physical well being, man has invented medicines for most of the diseases, he has even successfully designed and made artificial lungs and hopes to develop artificial heart.

    Unprecedented Achievements

    How very wonderful are man’s achievements but it would be the best if all these achievements are used in human welfare and social well-being and not for any destructive means. That would really make man ‘the wonderful being of God’s creation’

    Well, dive into Hamlet’s iconic line, “What piece of work is a man,” and you’ll find it’s not just Shakespeare showing off his flair for the dramatic. Nope, it’s way more. This nugget of wisdom is a shout-out to humanity’s standout spot in the grand tapestry of creation. Hamlet’s not just waxing poetic here; he’s putting us on a pedestal, way above the rest of the living world. Why? Because we’re not just flesh and bone; we’ve got the power to think, to reason, to whip up wonders. That’s some serious props to our species!

    Okay, so physically, sure, we’re not that different from animals. We eat, we sleep, we do our thing. But hold on – that’s just the tip of the iceberg. What really cranks up our uniqueness is our brainpower. We’re not just mindlessly munching on leaves here. We ponder, we argue, we change our minds. This intellect? It’s our superpower, making us the VIPs of the living world.

    Let’s roll out the red carpet for mankind’s achievements, shall we? We’re talking big league stuff – the kind of things that make you go “Wow!” From cars zooming on highways to planes soaring in the skies, even taking a giant leap onto the moon. Then there’s the communication game – hello, telephone, email, and the wild world of the internet. And don’t get me started on medical miracles – medicines, artificial organs, stuff of sci-fi becoming real. We’ve come a long way, baby!

    Picture this: we started out as cave dwellers, roughing it in the Stone Age. Fast forward a few millennia, and bam! We’re building villages, towns, cities – a whole civilization. It’s not just about bricks and mortar; it’s the machines, factories, markets. It’s about creating a life that’s about more than just surviving. It’s thriving, connecting, evolving. That’s our social saga, a journey from mere survival to sophisticated society.

    Here’s the kicker: our achievements are dope, but what counts is how we use them. The essay throws down some real talk – these wonders we’ve built should be like superheroes, saving the day, making life better for everyone. Using them to wreck stuff? That’s a big no-no. True greatness? It’s not about what you have; it’s what you do with it that counts.

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