Essay on Our Pets – Dog and Cats

Dog and Cats

Keeping pets is also a pleasant hobby. A dog has ever been a favourite pet with people. There is a quite a reason for this choice. A dog is a very faithful and loving a pet as well as a great watchful creature. People keep a dog as a pet for reasons — a liking for them as also a constant watchman by night and day. There are sign boards at the gate of persons keeping dogs as pets ‘Beware of dogs’ which means that the dogs kept as pets would not allow any unknown person to enter the premises Of the house. This is a great advantage and a great protection. There are different species of dogs, some are just lovely, furry, fluffy beings who sit crouched cosily in the lap harmless ones harmless even to an outsider. There are the other ones who are the bigger ones in size and ferocious indeed. They can tear an intruder apart, would bark aloud to awaken the whole. house. They may be ferocious to an outsider or an intruder but to their master and to the family they are docile and cool abiding by their every command or direction. The master and the dog are the inseparable when the master is back home after his day’s work. It must jump up to reach the master, feel a contentment only after being given a loving pat, not without it. Faithful they are to that extent that stories go about some of them who gave up food and drink and gave up their lives after their master was no more. Dogs have a great instinct of learning. Though animals, they exhibit a great sense of intelligence. They can be trained even by the crime-investigating agencies and have successfully worked out to catch the criminal, Loving, faithful, ferocious and intelligent with an instinct to learn — that is all about dogs as pets.

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    Cats are kept as pets too. But as contrasted with dogs cats are less faithful, less loving more self-loving. They cannot be any risk to an intruder and can be lured away, There have been no cases of cats sacrificing themselves for their master. But they are lovely creatures who would cosily comfort themselves in the bed of their masters and love to be in the lap. People keep cats as pets just for their looks — their fluffy purring behaviour. They are loved for their looks — that is what cats are. Keeping pets is both a pleasure and a task. Once one gets lured to keep pets, one cannot give up one’s liking for them, so much so that pets – dogs and cats once kept, they become a part of the family, a part of life and one cannot give them up. It is a love that lasts.

    Five FAQ's about pets

    Remove possible dangers, store potentially harmful substances and create a dedicated space with necessary facilities to provide your pet with appropriate environmental conditions.

    When choosing a pet, take into account the animal’s size and vitality level as well as its suitability to your lifestyle. Color choice should be based on more than just beauty or style in order for there to be an ideal match between you and beast.

    Regular veterinary checks are important; most pets should get a visit at least once per year, but some may need to see their vets more often.

    Each species and each individual has an ideal diet. Seek the advice of your veterinarian to determine what type and how much food you should feed, how often.

    Successful pet training depends upon positive reinforcement techniques, consistency and patience. If necessary, try taking obedience classes or get professional advice.

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