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Introduction to the Postman

The Postman is the carrier of good and bad news. Letters sent by friends, relatives, wives to their husbands, parents to their children in far off towns are brought and delivered at our doors by the postman. Invitations for marriages, greetings on birthdays or anniversaries are sent by post and it is the post man who brings them to you. He also, sometimes, brings the bad news — the serious illness of a near and dear one, even the news of death.

The Postman as a Carrier of Emotions

A soldier posted on the heights of the Himalayas; on the snowy borders of our country has no other way to keep contact with his people in the far off towns or villages except through letters sent or received and the postman is the medium to bring these letters. How eagerly are these letters awaited on both ends.

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    The Postman in Military Communication

    Letters have not only the communicative value but they have a sentimental value too. This value cannot be replaced by any other means of communication. A hand written letter is a treasure for all times and a sweet remembrance of the writer who has long been dead and gone. Just open up the cupboard and draw out the packet of old letters, if they have been preserved and a rush of memories floats along before the mind’s eye. Who did bring them? — the postman of course.

    Sentimental Value of Handwritten Letters

    These days the importance of handwritten letters is getting reduced and so is the importance of the postman. The new means of communication —the E-mails; the faxes; the internet chatting — all these are replacing the handwritten letters. People take the excuse of being too busy ‘machines’ have taken over the ‘man’ in human relationship. A minutes ‘Hello’ ‘Hello’ on the telephone. fulfils all the obligations of inter-communication. Who would now undertake any research on the letters written by to his daughter ?  Who would get the pleasure of probing into the sentiments of Keats — the great English poet — contained in his letters to his beloved and friends or Lord Chesterton sending his advice to his son. Those were handwritten letters having a historical, sentimental and personal value And all these letters must have been delivered by the postman.


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    The Enduring Importance of the Postman

    A village postman is still very important in our country. He does not only carry letters but he even pens down the replies of the illiterate parents or a comely unlettered lass to her husband. The postman has to inscribe in words the message of blessings or love. He plays a great role — without him, the surging feelings of the heart would have remained uncommunicative.

    Lesser in demand, though, but the role of the postman has ever been and shall ever remain a real role in communicating the heart to the heart; the mind to the mind. Business would come to a stand still if documents and commitments are not sent and received. Who else to carry the written and signed word — of course and indeed the Postman.

    A postal worker sorts and processes, then delivers mail or packages to residential or business addresses located in their assigned route areas.

    In reality, postal workers receive and sort mail in conjunction with the various buildings for handling communications. For their own routes, they guarantee that delivery is timely and accurate to recipients.

    Yes, but lobby workers are trained to adhere strictly to safety procedures-especially in bad weather. This involves not just properly handling the mail, but also picking a good route through difficult terrain and making sure your personal safety is assured while you are at it.

    People usually need at least a high school degree or equivalent in order to be postal workers. Postal services offer detailed training on mail sorting procedures, delivery protocols and safety guidelines.

    With the development of technology, handheld devices have allowed postmen to optimize their route planning and turned packages into electronic tracking objects; digital communication tools electronically signal between men stationed here.

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