Essay on Career Counselling

Essay on Career Counselling

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Career Counselling is the most important exercise as it helps a person to understand their own self so that one can take important decisions in their career.

Stream to choose after Class 10th

This question could be bothering you if you’re not clear about career ambition.

With the conclusion of your matriculation, the times come when we need to start taking some important decisions regarding stream(s) for your further studies. Before taking any decision, just scrape out any notions put in your head by our peers, parents, or seniors.

Many students don’t feel it the right time to make choices for life, and they wait till their 12th but most of them land in a career that is not made for them. Now-only is the right time to take this major decision that would shape your future.


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What should be your pick?

No need to get influenced by your friend’s choice of a stream. If you love the chemical reactions, get intrigued by Newton’s Law, want to know how your body functions, and fascinated towards working on the internet, Science would be your go-to option. If you want to learn businesseconomystock market, then Commerce should be your pick, another roadless travel, yet very endeavoring stream would be Arts if you have knock for it.

One could also pick a smooth passage for upcoming professional life with the decision, taking now. Don’t feel forced to take up any stream only because of thinking “chaar log kya bolenge” or “Sharma Ji Ka Beta”. It should be and must be your own call. Do ample of researches about all available options. An informed decision would bear you fruits lifelong, whereas an ill-informed decision would haunt you for a lifetime.

For most of the students, this phase appears like a complex maze with lots of doors opening to different directions so here are some tips will help you in choosing your stream after 10th standard:

  • Become aware of all the options available.
  • Grab as much information as you can about all the streams, what are it’s scope, other possibilities with it.
  • Evaluate your aptitude, strength, and personality.
  • The most important of all is give attention to your passion.
  • Take suggestions from seniors but the decision should be yours.
  • Take Career Counselling.

Career counseling is a way where people get help and support to look at their options and make smart choices about their jobs. It helps people to know what they like, are good at and want to achieve. This makes it easier for them to make better job choices that will make them happy.

Job guidance can help at many points in life like high school, college and when changing jobs. It’s also good for people who aren’t sure about their current work place. It’s never too soon or late to ask for help with career growth.

In a job advice meeting, people talk about the things they like or are good at. They also share what’s important to them and their dreams for their future work. The person who gives advice may use tests, talk to the patient and give details about different jobs. The aim is to assist people in making smart choices about their jobs.

Job advice helps people look into possible jobs, know the employment market and link their skills with right work. Counselors give important advice, help and plans to support in choosing good job decisions.

No, career counseling is not only for people looking to change careers. It’s good for anyone going on their job journey. This includes people figuring out what career to choose, having issues with the work they have now or looking for ways to improve professionally and move forward in life.

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Considering all the above points, go for the course that ignites you, have the capacity to feed your dreams, and match your strength. Every parameter must be considered while selecting the right stream. There is no good or bad stream, everyone has their own way of looking at things. Give space to your thoughts and imaginations, and take the decision keeping in mind your expectations from life.

We will come up with a detail information of every stream in our next article. Stay with us.

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