Essay on Contribution of Technology in Education

Essay on Contribution of Technology in Education

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Technology is the fastest-growing sector that had ever seen. It can bring revolution in any sector. When it starts contributing to education, it eventually became a boon to the pupil by enabling them to digitally imagine and grasp it more effectively than anything else.

The world today is rapidly progressing on the road to digitalization, with the ever-increasing number of technical applications used to communicate and pass on knowledge. In a traditional classroom, knowledge acquisition is limited to the instructor’s information, whereas the e-learning provides you with the platform of varied dimension knowledge.


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What is E-Learning?

E-Learning is a tap-root term used to elaborate a varied technological way that allows access to education and involved processes in itself. This includes online classes and lectures, web seminars, and digital interaction with the students.

Growth in E-Learning

If we move back to the last decade, we will find that the courses offered for e-learning were not as extensive as we see today; moreover, they were quite limited and were created by a few groups of programmers who developed the software and proper medium to make it possible.

In the 2000s, businesses began using online learning to train their employees. New and skilled employees increased the company’s sales, and this idea developed gradually.

After 2010, smart education developed in classrooms providing students visualized learning, which made understanding easier. And many organizations providing online video lectures appeared on various social media platforms like YouTube.

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    Advantages of E-Learning

    The rapidly evolving technological world is providing immense learning. Today, the majority of institutions are providing higher learning outside the campus and have the same quality of education as on-campus schooling. Through e-learning, space is not a huge concern as students can learn effectively from their homes.

    Thousands of institutions all around the world are offering online degrees and certifications to the students who are from underdeveloped countries, and their desired courses are not available in their region. E-learning does not limit access to learning as the traditional methods of learning did.

    E-learning provides flexible time tables according to the comfort of the learner; this was not possible in school-based learning where timetables were rigid.

    Because of E-learning, students can solve their doubts anytime and develop a habit of smooth learning, resulting in excellent performances and development.

    In a nutshell, we can say that E-learning has come a long way and offers endless opportunities to help students learn better.

    Seven theses on Contribution of Technology in Education

    Technology has changed education by making it possible to learn from far away. On the internet, students can use video calls and work together tools to get learning resources. This breaks down distance problems when talking with teachers.

    Computers in school help students learn by giving them games, videos and virtual labs. These tools increase knowledge, promote active involvement and fit different ways of learning.

    Technology helps students learn better by changing to what each student needs. AI-based tools and learning platforms can measure student performance, find what is strong or weak, then give personalized content for better education results.

    Technology helps students and teachers from all over the world to work together by linking them. Internet classrooms, shared work projects and online talks give chances for different country views. This helps people to know more about many cultures and thoughts.

    Digital tools make checking work easier, helping it be quicker and giving immediate feedback to students. Quick and better checking methods come from using automatic grading systems, online tests, and scoring websites.

    Using technology, we can easily get a lot of learning tools. E-books, internet databases and school apps give students and teachers a big amount of information. They encourage self learning by doing research on your own without help from anyone else.

    Putting technology in education gets students ready for the digital world of future jobs. Teaching students about coding, digital skills and technology helps them gain important abilities needed for different jobs.

    E-Learning during COVID-19 pandemic

    From the very beginning of 2020, a pandemic hit the entire globe, disturbing the people’s complete lifestyles and forcing them to lock them inside their homes. This pandemic hit hard the education system and classroom teaching, but during this crucial time, e-learning safely provided education to the students who were concerned about their academics.

    The spread of Corona has led to the closure of educational institutions all over the world. The result of which accelerated the development of the online learning environments within those institutions so that learning would not be disrupted.

    During this period, many new technological teaching methods came up to help the students continue their learning.

    Technology, e-learning, and teachers?

    Technology is saving a lot of time and effort from the teachers. Due to the availability of charts and pre-made teaching material at a click, teachers can focus on different aspects rather than putting all of their energy in one.

    With different collaboration tools and presentation software, teachers can make the best study materials for the students.

    Technology keeps the teachers updated with the latest facts and news regarding the subject, which acts as a helping hand for them to keep the students updated with the latest too.


    Involving technology in classrooms improves the learning experience and simplifies the need for materialistic resources. With technology, one can expect increased efficiency and effectiveness on both parts of teachers and students.

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