Essay on Environmental Conservation

Essay on Environmental Conservation

Environmental conservation is a blanket term that covers any efforts towards the protection of the natural environment and conservation of its natural resources. It is practiced by combining our lifestyles with a more profound sense of respect and understanding of what nature provides.

Now, the most apparent reason for conservation is to protect wildlife and maintain biodiversity. It ensures protection to the species leading towards extinction and supports a healthy and balanced ecosystem.

The destruction of the natural habitats poses a severe threat to some species’ survival, as they cannot survive outside of their natural habitats. Those species are also at risk, that migrate and inhabit more than one natural habitat. So, the preservation of these habitats is necessary for the survival of these species and maintaining balance in the ecosystem.

More and more species have been listed as extinct over the past years such as the South China tiger, Spix macaw, and Guam kingfisher. Moreover, species such as – Black Rhino, Cross River Gorilla, Amur Leopard, Sumatran Elephant have been stated as ‘Critically Endangered’ in recent years. So, the initiatives of ensuring safety to wildlife are becoming more and more critical every year.

It is quite evident that the future of our planet is uncertain due to issues such as climate change, damage to the Ozone layer, and an increase in pollution every year. To ensure the survival of our future generations, we need to reduce the exploitation of natural resources and protect the natural environment as much as possible.

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    Global warming also poses severe threats to the planet. The biggest tool in fighting against global warming is nature itself. With well-executed tasks of conservation work, humans and nature could hand in hand heal the earth and prevent the sudden rising of earth temperature. Nature, with all its different parts, can heal itself as well as protect all the living creatures that are a part of it. Therefore, it is essential for us to protect them.

    Moreover, conservation work has a significant impact on human health. The damage caused to the previously undisturbed habitats has brought domestic and wild animals together. As a result, many diseases escalated from those animals to humans.

    The Ebola outbreak that caused more than 11 thousand deaths is one such example, which is believed to be animal-borne, with bats or, non-human primates with bats being the most likely source.


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    A more devastating, recent example would be the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) that infected over 12 million people worldwide, causing a global pandemic, is also believed to have spread from animals.

    Hence, preserving natural resources and protecting the natural world is directly beneficial for our safe survival.

    Keeping these issues in mind, the environmentalists have taken multiple initiatives to raise awareness about these issues. Many organizations such as Environment Conservation Society (Switch ON) and Nature Environment and Wildlife Society (NEWS) have been actively working to make the world sustainable for all the living species.

    The Global Goals agendas, also known as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), aim to achieve a better and more sustainable world. They commit to ending issues such as poverty, starvation, and other deprivations by improving the quality of education and healthcare, reducing inequality, encouraging clean energy, etc. and also tackle climate change and preserve the maximum possible portion of the natural resources.

    Moreover, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted by all United Nations members in 2015. Today, the Division for Sustainable Development Goals (DSDG) provides tangible support and capacity-building for the SDGs and their related thematic issues, which include water, climate, energy, oceans, urbanization, technology, transport, partnerships, and Small Island Developing States.

    Besides these, many countries have made attempts to develop International environmental agreements signed by multiple governments to tackle these issues. This can include factors such as climate, air pollution, oceans, and rivers. Some well-known international agreements are the ‘Kyoto Protocol’ and the ‘Paris Agreement.’

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    With the consistent efforts made by the environmentalists, NGOs, and the governments of various countries, people are becoming more and more aware of the present situations. But it’s only through action and by making changes in our day to day life that we can contribute to this mission. It can be accomplished through simple acts such as planting more trees, recycling, and reducing unnecessary electricity consumption, fuel, and water. But only through active cooperation from people all over the world can we make this mission a success, protect our planet and make it safe and sustainable for our future generations.

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