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Internet Boon or Bane

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The Internet is probably the most used term in today’s life. From sending messages, images, or money to searching locations and commanding devices to perform any operation, now everything is done through the Internet. People should be thankful for the massive contribution of the Internet in our life as it has made information one click away and broken all the barriers by making the whole world into a small place. According to research data, about 48% of the population are the regular users of the Internet, out of the 7.4 million of the global population. Internet is the network of networks that share information, communication, and provide worldwide services. It has been introduced to all the fields in such a way that it is running our daily life.


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History of the Internet

There was a time when the telephone was considered as the fastest mode of communication. Eventually, after the Internet’s emergence, it has replaced all the oldest forms of human communication like telephone, telegraph, fax, phonograph, etc. The world started approaching the Internet from the mid-1990s, but it didn’t happen overnight. The Internet is a result of 40 years of research that was underlaid at the beginning of 1960. In the early 60s, one had to use magnetic tapes to assess the stored information as computers were used to be very complicated and immobile. Then ARPANET (advanced research project agency network) came into existence in the year 1969, which is considered a great success in computer science and technology. Though it was limited to specific organizations and defence departments. Henceforth, other companies also created various networks to provide communication and information widely. January 1, 1983, was officially declared as the birth date of the Internet. Initially, the Internet was invented for communication between scientists and military services. Later on, the world wide web was invented by Tim Berner-Lee, which led to assess of website, data, and hyperlinks to everyone. This revolution of the Internet in the last three decades has changed the living and working style of the world like never before. In India, the Internet was first launched on August 15, 1995, through VSNL (Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited), and by 2020, 50.49 %, i.e. approximately 718 million of the people are active users of the Internet. The rise in the Internet field has been proven a big perk in India’s economy. It has connected big metropolitan cities to India’s rural villages by unwearying efforts of projects like Digital India, BSNL, Bharatnet etc. In response to this, it is also a burning topic of discussion about whether the Internet is boon or bane? So, let’s focus some light on it.

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    Internet: Boon or Bane

    Internet is an interconnected global system that fastens millions of public, private, business, corporate, and academic sectors. It links billions of devices through many worldwide applications and optical networking technologies. Undoubtedly, the Internet has made our life more efficient and easier, but its harmful impacts can’t be ignored. There are several boon and bane of using the Internet. So, let’s discuss the advantages first:

    • The Internet has bridged the gap of long-distance communication with many applications such as email, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. Nowadays, people are communicating virtually on text, encrypted calls, and even video calls. The prevailing condition of Noble coronavirus pandemic has frozen the world as people can’t go out for work, schools and colleges as shut down. Hence, all institutions provide online classes. Personal and professional meetings are done through video conferencing, and work from home is a new trend now. The Internet was the only option, and all these become possible only due to the Internet’s adequate accessibility.
    • Internet is the biggest virtual treasure of knowledge and information on today’s date. Google, Yahoo, Bing, ASK, and many such search engines provide easy access to any topic. Students have been benefited from an elaborate and wide range of knowledge on one platform.
    • Another advantage of the Internet is that it has hiked the term E-Commerce. People would have never thought about online business, but it was accomplished only due to internet accessibility. Many people are coming up with new start-up ideas, customers have infinite options in online shopping, and the mode of payment is safer and easier. Companies like Flipkart, Paytm, Amazon etc. are exploring their business globally using online websites.
    • Entertainment is one of the biggest booms of the Internet. Unlike radio and television, we have ample options for recreation. The online gaming industry has gained phenomenal growth, and many online platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar etc. have come into existence. Under this COVID-19 lockdown situation, movies are also launched on OTT (Over The Top) platforms. Due to social media platforms, people follow them online and feel more connected to their favourite actors.

    Seven facts about the internet

    ARPANET, the forerunner to the internet, was built by U.S Defense Department in late 1960s. It was made to help scientists and researchers talk. The internet we use now started from that first network.

    The internet is now very popular all over the world. My last update in January 2022 shows that around 63% of the world’s people or about 4.9 billion have internet access. This number continues to grow.

    In 1989, Sir Tim Berners-Lee created the World Wide Web. It is an important part of the internet. It lets us make and move around linked web pages and sites using hyperlinks.

    Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn social media sites are big parts of online culture now. They help with talking across the world, making connections and spreading information.

    As the internet grows, keeping things safe from hackers is now very important. Problems like breaking into systems, taking someone’s identity and online attacks are big dangers. This made companies make strong computer security steps to protect themselves.

    The internet has revolutionized commerce. E-commerce, or online buying and selling, lets people buy and sell things on the internet. Big firms, such as Amazon and Alibaba, have done well on the online shopping scene.

    The Internet of Things is when everyday things like toasters and cars talk to each other over the internet. Things like smart home gadgets, wearable tech and industrial sensors help make IoT bigger. This makes our lives more efficient and easy.

    Let’s discuss the disadvantages of the Internet:

    • Internet is a vast source of knowledge that can be used for wellness, but some people have started misusing it. Students neglect their studies and spend too much time on the Internet. Even some elders have become so addicted to it that they miss their essential works.
    • Though the Internet has made virtual communication possible, it has been likely seen that people have lost face-to-face communications and always communicate with virtual friends on the Internet. It is parting the keens and families away, which causes many mental issues like depression, trauma, and stress.
    • The growth of the Internet has led to a severe issue of cybercrime. Many innocent people face bullying, online scams, torture, and blackmailing. While internet hacking is another a severe matter of concern where hackers decode the algorithm of websites on which it works and access to the social media accounts and devices of users that contain all the personal information and data. Recently, some hackers had illegally accessed the Twitter account of many high-profile personalities like Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos etc. and bungled about one million dollars.
    • Online gaming culture is entirely misleading to the young generation. All the time children stick to their mobile phones has risen many health issues. They fall prey to diseases like obesity, lack of vision, and physical unfitness at a very young age. Moreover, suicide games like “Blue Whale Challenge” and “Momo Challenge” initially give kids easy instructions and fill them with the enthusiasm of winning the game to that extent that they end up killing themselves. By 2017, the U.S report has verified such games’ existence, and many teens have suffered it.

    Conclusion on Internet boon or bane

    All human-made resources have both advantages and disadvantages, and the points mentioned above on bane are a challenge to society, parents, and teachers. Around 30 million people suffer from internet addiction disorder in which they show immense affection towards the virtual world and apart from real life. They may even get mad if they don’t get regular access to the Internet. Sometimes, people fall into the trap of fake websites and pages that lure to provide unexpected offers that cause financial losses. Over its dark and ugly sides, the importance of the Internet can’t be undermined. The decision is ours how we utilize the resources available on the Internet for good causes. Moreover, parents play a crucial role in guiding children regarding the wise uses of the Internet. Children have a fresh and healthy mind, and they quickly catch everything prevailing around them, so it is necessary to teach the Internet’s proper use and limitations.

    The answer to this question can change based on different views. Some think the internet changed how we talk, learn and share information. They see it as a big help. Some people have worries about problems like keeping secrets, bad actions on the internet and false information shared. They say this can be a curse too.

    The internet has greatly changed how people talk and interact. Some people say that too much time on the internet can cause you to be alone more often and talk less in real life. There is still a lot of talk about how it affects personal relationships.

    The internet has changed education by giving us a way to reach lots of information, things we can learn online and work together with others. Yet, worries are present about the gap in access to digital technology. Here not everyone has the same chances and there are problems linked to how reliable online info is.

    The internet helps people around the world to buy and sell things, giving them jobs and making their economies grow. Online shopping, working from home and starting a business online have all grown hugely. But there are worries about people losing their jobs, especially in old-fashioned businesses.

    Challenges are cyber threats, online harassment, addiction and the spread of false information. To fix these problems, we need to use new technology tricks and laws. Also important are lessons about using the computer rightly along with safe online behaviors.

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