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unemployment for 10 class

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Unemployment has always been one of the hot topics in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s oratorical addresses. The mounting rate of joblessness in the country only acts as an obstacle to the path of development.

A densely populated country, India is home to the world’s second largest population. The rate of population growth far exceeds the rate of job creation. Increasing population often lead to this problem as the economy does not always grow immediately to absorb the entire population.

Another reason as to why unemployment strives in the country is the advancement in technology. Post industrialisation in the country, some key work areas that were earlier reserved for humans have become machine run. Thus, the growth in technology leading to evolution of newer and better machines has, displaced people from their jobs.

And lastly, the Charles Darwin’s theory “Survival of the fittest” can best describe the unemployment scene in India, where skilled labour, to meet the requirements (both technical and non- technical) of the job, is less. Unskilled or semi-skilled labour dominates the Indian market, which faces a dearth of-an educated or professionally and academically qualified class, adept at computers and public speaking. Also, because of lack of these skills. people often end up accepting those jobs that do not satisfy them.

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    To combat the menace of unemployment, India need measures to keep its population growth in check. People should be made aware of the benefits of a small size family. Also, people need to be educated about the various measures to control child-birth. This is the most important aspect as the state can not create jobs for everyone, therefore the rate of population growth must be slowed down. Secondly, we need a pool of skilled and talented labour fora For this. we must strive to achieve complete literacy. Also, the education system of our country should be made need based. More professional and vocational courses should be introduced.

    These days, every person desires an office job. Even agriculture graduates and school drop outs want office jobs in cities. For this, more institutions of higher education should he set-up and the education system of our country should be made job oriented, going beyond the regular BAs, MAs and PhD’s. And lastly, what is needed here is a change in the attitude of people.
    As most of them are service-minded, they do not want to take risks. It is not possible for government to give jobs to all. A desire for doing something of one’s own may solve, to some extent, the problem of employment and unemployment for both the educated and uneducated people. However, for the last few years, the centre has taken steps to combat and reduce unemployment by implementing many `Rozgar’ schemes in small towns and villages to absorb unskilled semi-skilled labourers like Prime Minister’s Rozgar Yojana, , etc.
    Also, the state should encourage those with the idea of starting own business by providing low interest rate loans and tax exemptions etc. Still, a. lot depends on us too, to check unemployment by taking measures listed above to deal with it.

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