Essay on Women Empowerment

Essay on Women Empowerment

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Women Empowerment: When I was young, I remember how we used to chant BHARAT MATA KI JAI in a school assembly. Back then, I don’t apply to get its meaning as this is how we as kids are, without knowing the single word of prayer we use to sing only to show our teachers that we are not silent standing like zombies. Things changed, once I started growing up because now I was questioning why, how, when, etc. One beautiful day, I went to one of my teachers and asked why we say Bharat Mata, not Bharat pita, one must be thinking what kind of stupid question is this, but it is very logical! She told me how it indicates the importance of women in our life. Our country is so sacred that we give it a very pure position of OUR MOTHER in our life and what a mother is to us. I don’t need to describe this, as we are very well aware of it.

This is not it; we must have read somewhere about “MOTHER NATURE” who provides us all sort of necessary things what a human being needs to live on this earth. All these very well show the importance of women in everyone’s life.

Durga, Kali, Chandi, Saraswati, Laxmi – these all goddesses depict women’s position in our society that how we place them as a god. Though women are competent to men and running family, business, country keeping shoulder to shoulder to them in today’s world, are we treating them equally? I remember how my relatives used to ask me not to play football as it is a game for boys and not for girls and this is just a tip of ice-berg, many of you must have other stories to share regarding the discrimination in our own family. Nobody thinks what a child feels when they hear these kinds of things. It makes them vulnerable to the injustice that is happening to them from very starting and maybe sometimes from their birth, which they realize later on when one makes them aware of the mishappening.

Some families still think that Girl Child is just a Liability for them; they will incur losses as she will get married one day. Her in-laws will demand dowry, which will make their bank empty, and on the other hand, boys are Asset to them because he is the one who will take care of the family. As per the UNITED NATION Report, more than 4.6 lakh girls went missing at birth on an average annually from 2001-2012.

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    Some are lucky enough to get a life, and they live in their condition, allowed an education, but fate is one day they have to marry and go to their husband’s home. There are many families where marital rape is being practiced, but according to them, it’s okay as women are husband’s property, he can use her as the way he wants to. Consent is not essential, even the word “consent” does not exist in the husband’s dictionary. While reading, one must be thinking that I must be talking about some other country, but no, this is India’s harsh reality. According to WHOintimate partner violence in India is the highest at 37.7% in the WHO SOUTHEAST ASIA REGION.

    The dowry could be a curse that remains prevalent in our country, heading toward modernization. However, we still measure a family on the premise of what proportion can a family pay to her daughter’s in-laws; it looks like I am talking a couple of stories which was there in the past, but its a harsh reality of the present day. Dowry Prohibition Act, Indian law, enacted on the day, 1961, intended to forestall the giving or receiving of a dowry. Under the Dowry Prohibition Act, dowry includes property, goods, or money given by either party to the wedding, by the fogeys of either party or by anyone else about the wedding. In Kerala last year, a case was reported when a 27-year-old woman was starved to death by her in-laws because their demand of two lakhs in dowry wasn’t met. Nobody can believe that the Act prohibiting dowry passed in 1961 and that we are in 2020 still on the same page from where we started.

    On 16th December 2012, a brutal gang rape happened in a running bus, which was a tight slap on the face of women empowerment in this country where we worship women, contradictory of it, women are not even allowed to go out at night, are not allowed to wear what they want.

    2019 #Mee too campaign dug out many buried stories of eve-teasing which somehow lost in this male chauvinist society.

    Above all, we can see there is a difference between a woman of past and today’s women. Now she knows how to speak for herself, she knows to fight for her rights, she knows to run a country, she knows to make her name. She successfully turned the table and came out of that “Abla Nari” image to “Aaj Ki Nari Sab par Bhari”.


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    Women Empowerment: Some examples are not just women but a whole institution in themselves

    Mother Teresa

    She was known for her compassion and kindness, who worked for the poor and children selflessly. She became a nun in 1937 after realizing the real purpose of her life. She dedicated her entire life to helping others for which she was awarded a Nobel prize in 1979.

    Indira Gandhi

    First and only women prime minister of our country who shown everyone that women can be a great leader. She was jailed for taking part in Quit India Movement before the independence of our country. Later on, she showed a woman could do everything a man can, and she is not at all less competent.

    Kalpana Chawla

    A girl from a small village of Haryana had a dream from her childhood to go into space, which she achieved when she has grown up and became First Indian Women to go into space. Though, she is not between us as her space shuttle fragmented while returning to earth from area in 2003. She proved herself and her dreams that nothing could stop her from achieving it.

    Mary Kom

    Mary Kom made a record by becoming World Amateur Boxing Champion six times. She is the first female boxer from India who won gold in Asian Games (2014) and Commonwealth Games (2018). A Bollywood movie was also made on her struggles of life and how she excelled through it.

    As now time, things are changing, Women Empowerment became a key issue that is addressed by everyone and making people respond to this. Bollywood is playing a good role in making people aware of Women Empowerment by making women-centric movies which will enlarge knowledge of viewers minds and provide them some rebellious stuff for thought process which will somehow help them to get rid of patriarchy.

    Empowering women means increasing the capabilities, self-esteem and rights of women for equal participation in politics as well as social or economic life.

    Gender equality and sustainable development are not possible without the empowerment of women. Empowering Women leads to richer and more varied perspectives in society; brings greater economic productivity, improved health outcomes and social advancement.

    Women’s empowerment depends largely on education. The opportunity to receive a good education provides women with the necessary skills, knowledge and confidence they need; it also pulls down barriers for them so that they can make their own informed choices about what is best in both personal life as well as at work.

    These are some of the obstacles to women’s empowerment: Gender-based discrimination Unequal access to education and economic opportunities Violence against women Cultures norms that limit women’ Overcoming these obstacles demands integrated efforts at the levels of individual, community and policy.

    A lot of these efforts are geared toward women’s empowerment. They include programs for education access, vocational training, health care and economic opportunities. Also crucial to the advancement of women’s empowerment are advocacy for gender-neutral policies, legal reform and attempts to shatter stereotypes in society at large.

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